In Office

During teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Argenziano will apply a barrier to your gum tissue and a special gel onto the surface of your teeth. The procedure is typically performed in an hour. After your in-office treatment, you will be given take-home whitening trays and gel. These trays are included in the total cost of your teeth whitening treatment. The best results from teeth whitening often occur with regular use of the at-home trays after your in office treatment. By combining in office and at home treatments you can experience faster and longer lasting whitening results. Please be aware that teeth whitening cannot alter the color of existing crowns and fillings.

Take Home Whitening

To whiten at your own convenience, whitening trays are fabricated in our office for you to take home. The whitening trays are custom molded to your teeth and provide optimal placement of the whitening agent. Special whitening gel is provided by our office and placed into the custom trays by you. Depending on the gel you choose you can wear the trays while you shower, watch television, or even while you sleep.